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Episode 0004: EnvisionmentEpisode 0005: Intro de la XandeEpisode 0006: Intro de la Golbez
Episode 0007: Xande's Unique AbilityEpisode 0008: Intro de la ExDeathEpisode 0009: Intro de la Kefka
Episode 0010: Intro de la SephirothEpisode 0011: Intro a la UltimeciaEpisode 0012: A Friendly Konversation
Episode 0013: Intro de la KujaEpisode 0014: Intro de la SeymourEpisode 0015: Rigor Mortis
Episode 0016: Settling InEpisode 0017: Mail CallEpisode 0018: Weeping Willows
Episode 0019: Sephiroth's Milk Saga, Part 1Episode 0020: Sephiroth's Milk Saga, Part 2, aka, Intro de la The ContractorEpisode 0021: Intro de la Gilgamesh
Episode 0022: Sephiroth's Milk Saga, Part 3Episode 0023: Sephiroth's Milk Saga, Part 4Episode 0024: Sephiroth's Milk Saga, Final Part
Episode 0025: Intro de la Shadow LordEpisode 0026: Intro de la GabranthEpisode 0027: Puppy Love
Episode 0028: What Goes Around...Episode 0029: SummoningEpisode 0030: Intro a la Cloud of Darkness
Episode 0031: Intro de la JechtEpisode 0032: Rate DapeEpisode 0033: Another Force at Work
Episode 0034: Dual-InterrogationEpisode 0035: Intro de la ZemusEpisode 0036: Intro de la Vayne
Episode 0037: Homesick AlreadyEpisode 0038: LostEpisode 0039: The Honorable Anti-Villains
Episode 0040: Intro de la The SoldierEpisode 0041: Intro de la The CreatorEpisode 0042: The Answer to the Universe
Episode 0043: Bug in the SystemEpisode 0044: ExDeath FanmailEpisode 0045: Intro de la Julius
Episode 0046: Intro de la Dark KingEpisode 0047: NoEpisode 0048: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 1
Episode 0049: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 2Episode 0050: Intro de la MagusEpisode 0051: Intro de la Sauzer
Episode 0052: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 3Episode 0053: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 4Episode 0054: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 5
Episode 0055: Intro de la... SmithyEpisode 0056: Intro a la UltimaEpisode 0057: Weapons
Episode 0058: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Part 6Episode 0059: Xande's Role-Playing Saga, Final PartEpisode 0060: Intro de la Django
Episode 0061: Intro de la HeinEpisode 0062: That Force is Still at WorkEpisode 0063: Visitor From Another World
Episode 0064: Kefka FanmailEpisode 0065: Intro de la MakenshiEpisode 0066: Intro de la Ansem
Episode 0067: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 1Episode 0068: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 2Episode 0069: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 3
Episode 0070: Intro de la RaemEpisode 0071: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 4, aka, Intro de la The GuardianEpisode 0072: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 5
Episode 0073: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 6Episode 0074: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 7Episode 0075: Intro a la Maenad
Episode 0076: Intro de la Ra DevilEpisode 0077: My favorite OVAEpisode 0078: Garland's Lunar Saga, Part 8
Episode 0079: Garland's Lunar Saga, Final PartEpisode 0080: Intro de la FuhitoEpisode 0081: Intro de la Genesis
Episode 0082: ReunionEpisode GuideExDeath
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File:Panel 8 72.pngFile:Panel 8 73.pngFile:Panel 8 80.png
File:Panel 8 TAoG3.pngFile:Panel 8 TaoG3.pngFile:Panel 9 39.png
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File:Seymour Pony.pngFile:Seymour face.pngFile:Seymour front.png
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File:Silver Dragon.pngFile:Sin flashback.pngFile:Smithy.png
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