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My replica of U-Saga's battle screen. You like? You like.

The third episode in The Adventures of Gilgamesh is based on the infamous RPG, Unlimited SaGa. Gilgamesh is forced into joining Laura's team despite being busy, a reference to how other main characters will willingly quit their own journeys to join you, leaving any loved ones they were trying to rescue in the hands of the villains you'll never meet. Laura attempts to explain the gameplay mechanics to Gilgamesh, but he is vastly overwhelmed by its ridiculous complexity.

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  • Opening and disarming treasure chests only requires the use of one reel. Multiple reels are only used in-battle, and even then, their numbers don't go higher than five.
  • HP values are 3-digit in Unlimited SaGa. If you reduce Gilgamesh's recurring HP value (8888) to this limit, and then halve it, you'll get Gilgamesh's HP value for this comic. His LP value of 8 is also a reference to his HP.
  • The chances of an enemy immediately interrupting you and using all five of its attacks at once are so incredibly slim, even hardened players may never see it happen. This says a lot about Gilgamesh's luck, doesn't it?

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