Wanderer of Frozen Time

The Soldier is an original character in Domus Facina. He is the second of the Landlord's non-FF cohorts to appear after being introduced in Episode 0040.



While most of the Soldier's brown hair is short, there is a long part hanging over his right eye that is dyed blonde. His blue eyes have streaks of yellow in the center, and his build is what some would describe as "husky". He wears a blue leather uniform with an orange belt across his chest. He wears dark-orange leather pants with horizontal zippers, and blue and orange boots. He wears a gold armguard on his right forearm and a spiked bracelet on his left wrist. His retractable bat wings have dark blue spines and silver patagiums.


The Soldier is a laid-back person in denial, often committing himself to resolutions that don't go very far, such as losing weight. He has a terrible sense of direction and has proven capable of becoming lost within very small, yet simply-shaped buildings. He is a Legend of Zelda fan, and his video game habits include picking a single game, playing it and only it for six months, and then switching to the next one. He is an avid fan and collector of weapons, and is the only homosexual character in the series. He's usually rather disoriented, but can often be bubbly.


The Akumu is a red katana with a bat wing keychain on the pommel. The base of the blade is not connected to the hilt, but is still parallel to it. It is instead attached to the upper-part of the handguard, which is decorated in blue jewels and yellow lines.

The Gin-iro Kage is a black war pistol.


Thus far, the only power the Soldier is known to have is the ability to wander worlds that are frozen in time and remove objects (and possibly people) from them.


Soldier face

Domus FacinaEdit

The Soldier's job is to scout the frozen FF worlds for items that will aid the Landlord. It is already confirmed that the Crystals from FF1 are among these items.


  • The appearance and personality of the Soldier are loosely based on one of the author's friends: Nick Kalogeras.
  • The names of the Soldier's weapons are Japanese. "Akumu" means "nightmare", and "Gin-iro Kage" means "silver shadow".

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