The Occurian Traitor

"Indeed. What claim does Gerun have on history's reins... seated on throne immortal, rent from time?"

Venat is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy XII, and was introduced alongside Vayne in Episode 0036.



Venat's simplistic design resembles a gray sheet-ghost, though one made of a spiritual metallic substance. Venat has five yellow eyes; two in its head and three in its body. It has various patterned holes throughout its body, and has an arch on top of its head.


Venat is a very compassionate being, despite being responsible for the madness of several people. It shares and follows out plans with precision, and truly wants to see the world enter into an age of freedom.


Other than being able to act as an impenetrable shield, Venat can possess the minds of living creatures and drive them to madness. It can also render itself invisible and speak telepathically, so unwanted visitors don't learn of its presence.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Venat is an Occurian, a race of god-like beings from the world of Ivalice who had control over the fates of the people of Ivalice, though Venat itself believes that they should control their own fates. Because of this, Venat was considered a heretic amongst its people. Though this goal is understandable, and even commendable, the road to this goal has caused much strife across the world.

Venat first met Dr. Cid, and later worked together with him to create Manufacted Nethictie, something that later proved of great use to the Empire.

After Dr. Cid's death, Venat later traveled with Vayne, appearing to prevent Vaan from chasing after him after he had greatly wounded him with one of Gabranth's blades, then shortly afterward, dissolving his body into wisps of Mist that fused with Vayne, turning him into the Undying.

Despite this, Vayne, along with Venat (who may have known about their upcoming death) were killed by Vaan and party.

Domus FacinaEdit

Venat first appears along side Vayne in his intro, where his mentions Vayne being his servant, and quickly covering it up.

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